Letting go of someone you love

Today I heard this new song on the radio and it really reminded me of the relationship I had with my ex. We were together for three years and I don’t regret it, we loved each other. But after 2 years our relationship began to crumble and I began to wonder if it would be better for us both to move on. We didn’t argue or fight but we also didn’t really have the spark anymore. Our loving relationship had evolved into a friendship that pretended to be more. 

Despite of all of this we kept on going for another year. We both were scared to let go of someone we loved and didn’t want to admit that something was wrong. And this was a really big mistake. Not that we tried for another year but that we didn’t talk about it. Actually we didn’t really talk at all. We just had empty conversations.

Eventually we both had to admit that our relationship was over and then we talked. We talked for hours and it was such a relief to get everything of our chest.

Today I am in love again with someone new and I still get along with my ex. I don’t regret my previous relationship because I learned a lot from it and my break up. Things I can now use to make me a better girlfriend today and to enjoy being in love again.
Ps: here is the song that reminded me of this: Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa


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