Really being interconnected – Reverze

Hardstyle is something new for me. It’s music genre with a hard beat that originated in the Netherlands. I must say the music is not 100% my style but I’m open to try anything new so I let meself be convinced to go to Reverze. The sound is perfect to just dance all your troubles away but I have to say that it where the people who made me love hardstyle.

It was an experience that I’ll never forget. There were thousands of people and still everyone was so open and nice like you knew them for years. And that really was what made my night.

I still have to say that I totally understand if you say that it is not for you. The music is loud especially the hardcore what really was a little bit too much for me. And on hardstyle parties there can be some drug use which is something that I struggled with because I’m really against it. But it is compensated a little bit by the atmosphere because everyone accept everyone like they are, so nobody will ever pressure you to do anything that you do not want to. And my evening on Reverze was totally drug free and I didn’t see anyone using.
So yes I really think it is an experience that everyone should have gone through. You might not really like it but you will definitely make some great memories.


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