Where I came from

To sketch a little bit of my brainstorms in life I am sharing a text I wrote in November 2016:

“ Why is everything in life such a task? I am constantly battling with myself. Obligating myself to do certain things and failing all of the time. With everyone of these task I am fighting myself and I keep on losing. It seems to be a circle where I can’t get out of.

I am not a pessimist. I’m trying to be positive in life but constantly trying to be positive, building up hope that things will get better just so that this hope can be crushed over and over again, is very exhausting. And the longer this is going on the harder it is to keep building up this hope”

As you can see this was not one of my happiest moments in life and the moment I think I hit rock bottom. I don’t want to hide it and bury it deep under all of the chaos in my head. So that is why I am sharing this today. Now I can see where I’ve come from and create an starting point for me to get my life back on track.


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