Money makes the world go round

Money makes the world go round. Cabernet already knew it in 1960 and I’ve seen more and more that it really is the case. But shouldn’t it be love or understanding that makes the world go round?

Society today is very focussed on money. The very obvious things are stock markets and trades but also politics, media and even social media are very much money based these days. And that makes it very difficult to know what is someone’s real opinion are what is just said to get a sponsor or an add.

Not only in the public world money is very important. A few days I talked to someone who earns a good living. And after a few glasses of wine she began to brag about how much money she makes and how she had everything custom made. I totally get that when you work hard you want to play hard too and enjoy the money you make. That’s totally fine. But still I find it very difficult how people spent money on unnecessary things while there are others that can’t even afford food for their children.

And so I see that almost every part of the word is influenced by money and that money really makes the world go round. And maybe I can’t change the world but I have decided that my world will be turned by love and and not by money. Maybe that’s naive or just round out stupid but I will try.


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