Coming off the pill and getting a coil

I’ve been taking the pill for over 6 years. It’s had a big impact on my hormonal balance and even my puberty and now I’m going to experience what life is like without it.

I will start with the story of why I started with the pill. I got my first period when I was 13 years old. It was always heavy and quite irregular. Around the same time I began to get bad hormonal acne. Both problems were things that ran in the family and from my older sister I knew they wouldn’t go over soon.

When I was 16/17 years I was having my period for 2-3 weeks a month and I was going through huge boxes of the biggest tampons I could find. So the doctor recommended me to start taking the pill. It did wonders for my skin and I could take control of my cycle again.

And now we are 6 years later and I thought it was time to reduce the strain on my hormone balance from my anticonception. So I made an appointment to get an hormone coil. This is less disrupting to your hormonal balance because the hormones that come free don’t get into your bloodstream like they do when you take the pill.

Now I must be honest the procedure to get the coil placed did hurt. But it was over quite fast so it was still bearable. After that I had bleeding for about a week and that was it. It can be possible to have light bleeding after getting your coil for up to three months (this is totally different from person to person).

After getting the coil I could come off my pill. An in 6 weeks I need to go back for an echo to see if the coil is still in place.

I must say that the process of getting the coil was surprisingly simple. It took just 1 appointment with a gynecologist and about 3 days of pain. (I do recommend to go to an gynecologist for this procedure and not just your GP)

And now it’s a waiting game to see how my body will react to all of these changes.

I will keep you updated!


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