My anxiety is taking over but that is going to change

The last year has been one with lost of ups and downs for me.
I fell in love, I went on fun vacations and trips, more familytime, I fell out of love, I got more and more panic attacks and I started avoiding situations that made me anxious.

In a way my emotions really took over my life. I skipped almost all of my classes because sitten in an auditorium with lot of people not able to leave made me anxious. I didn’t go out much friends, again avoiding social situations. I also lost confidence in myself.

But all this is going to change!

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New year, new chances

2017 was a year of up’s and downs for me. I had very beautiful moments like my trip to Gran Canaria but on the other hand my anxiety really flared up this year.

I feel it’s such a cliché saying this but in 2018 I want to get my life together, be more productive, be more healthy and do more of what makes me happy.

To keep up with all these difficult resolutions I started a bullet journal.
The last few months I have been trying it and really loving it because it is very flexible and can keep up with my chaotic brain.

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A moment of happiness

Family, the one group of people where you don’t have to worry about what they think of you. If you’re not going through the best time you don’t have to pretend you are having the best time of your life.

And most importantly, they know how to cheer you up. Not just by saying “oh it’ll be alright” but by doing things they know you love, by caring, by letting you have the peace of cake you really want, by letting you act out all your frustrations while chopping the carrots, by letting you be on yourself for a moment if you need to … I think I can go on for this for a while but I think the conclusion is that I really love my family and I love that they can give me a perfect moment of happiness just by being who they are.

Not giving up

Like everyone, I started the year with good intentions. I was going to do better in school, read more, write more, eat less junk … And just like with everyone my motivation and hope began to fade after a little while. But today I’ve decided to not give up and to start enjoying the journey.

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How I get through my exams

It’s that time of the year again. Every student is either studying hard or procrastinating. And both of these type of students are totally stressed about the upcoming exams, me included.

I’m a biology student in my 3 year of  university. I’m not a model student and I’m sad to say I do procrastinate quite a bit. BUT I battling my urge to postpone everything and it’s kinda working. So here are some tips that work for me:

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