A world of givers and takers

In society there are three kinds of people. Givers, the ones that want to do good for others. Takers who always have their own interests at heart. And then there are the people who have a healthy balance between the two.

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Not giving up

Like everyone, I started the year with good intentions. I was going to do better in school, read more, write more, eat less junk … And just like with everyone my motivation and hope began to fade after a little while. But today I’ve decided to not give up and to start enjoying the journey.

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How I get through my exams

It’s that time of the year again. Every student is either studying hard or procrastinating. And both of these type of students are totally stressed about the upcoming exams, me included.

I’m a biology student in my 3 year of  university. I’m not a model student and I’m sad to say I do procrastinate quite a bit. BUT I battling my urge to postpone everything and it’s kinda working. So here are some tips that work for me:

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Really being interconnected – Reverze

Hardstyle is something new for me. It’s music genre with a hard beat that originated in the Netherlands. I must say the music is not 100% my style but I’m open to try anything new. So I tried it and let meself be convinced to go to Reverze. The sound is perfect to just dance all your troubles away but I have to say that it were the people who made me fall in love with the hardstyle world.
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Letting go of someone you love

Today I heard this new song on the radio and it really reminded me of the relationship I had with my ex. We were together for three years and I don’t regret it, we loved each other. But after 2 years our relationship began to crumble and I began to wonder if it would be better for us both to move on. We didn’t argue or fight but we also didn’t really have the spark anymore. Our loving relationship had evolved into a friendship that pretended to be more. Read More »

Where I came from

To sketch a little bit of my brainstorms in life I am sharing a text I wrote in November 2016:

“ Why is everything in life such a task? I am constantly battling with myself. Obligating myself to do certain things and failing all of the time. With everyone of these task I am fighting myself and I keep on losing. It seems to be a circle where I can’t get out of.

I am not a pessimist. I’m trying to be positive in life but constantly trying to be positive, building up hope that things will get better just so that this hope can be crushed over and over again, is very exhausting. And the longer this is going on the harder it is to keep building up this hope”

As you can see this was not one of my happiest moments in life and the moment I think I hit rock bottom. I don’t want to hide it and bury it deep under all of the chaos in my head. So that is why I am sharing this today. Now I can see where I’ve come from and create an starting point for me to get my life back on track.

Hi internet!

I’m Eva, a student, a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend and a vibrant young woman trying to find her way in life.

And like everyone my mind sometimes goes on an adventure and I have these bainstorms in my head. I’d like to share this journey here, on my blog. This way I can keep track of all my ideas, thoughts and memories.

I hope you enjoy this roadmap trough my brain and I’d love to hear more about your views and mindstorms as well!